Charles Jason Lee

Bendigo Art Gallery

Lachrymose underwear with Arthur Boyd’s
Nebuchadnezzar blind on a starry night
or a vermilion sunset of John Perceval’s Soul Singer
at Luna Park
with Pablo Picasso’s Head and Shoulders
of a Woman
made in 1907, discovered in the National
Gallery Prague. The Card Party, Marcel Gromair 1928
Pierre Lévy, The Lines of the Hand 1935
Chaim Soutue, The Pastry Cook 1922 forgive
the spelling forgive the spell of The Leaning
of the same year as Nicolas de Staël,
The Bottles or was it Georges’ blown
At the Mirror 1906 with Charles Blackman,
Barbara and Auguste. George Braque,
The Weeding Machine 1963. Marc Chagall,
Obsession 1943, War ditto.
Double Portrait with a Glass of Wine 1917
Monkey Eating Nipple With Leaf Over Crotch 1850

the near do wells and good do wells, bottom of the ladderers
muttering she had her tits on the right way around and around
but her arse and mouth frequently became inverted for
Odilon Redon to sketch L’oeil, comme un ballon bizarre,
se dirige vers l’Infini
on a napkin left to Patricia Piccinini
unused in her 2003 Venice Biennale We Are Family
the pig skin came from our Essex farm where that
infamous pig was fed that lonely ham sandwich
the crusts now used as a frame
for a delicate watercolour
that rises up, waves
to England
their England