James Davies

He was eating polyfiller
I was eating shrimp
I took a chemical toilet round
For a raffle he was holding

“That’s nice you’ve a tree in your garden”
Have you still got my weight lifting CD
At a function with a scratch
By the extra special cocktail sausages

Give me another go on your Playstation
On a mattress of chilled silverside
I sniffed glue with him
And babysat for him

I laughed and shaked big time
For a quick glimpse of his wife
3 of us in a row
2 candles and a cheese pie
Marion was barbed freshly today

Ganga bits in the carpet
My shoes were still wrapped in the plastic
Can I do anatomical polaroids of you
What’s this green stuff on my t-shirt

We took him to the easyjet counter
And wrote silly string on the nipple
Next we masticated to Jeff Koons’ record collection
And then did one of his colouring-in books