James Davies

a.          everyo

       a.    everyone is staring at her        staring at her legs
b. text on paper. Paint on gouache
b. she should’ve worn the white and not the black

      c.    Dean! Dean! (invented)

d. he thinks that the sprinkler looks lllike a goat. . . right?

      e.    big car park, hundreds of crates and truck doors; clean as Ellsworth Kellys
g.i rand the doctors,then the physio and then he was meant to call me back b’tut he didn

      i.       JOKE: A man goes up to the bar and
      ii.      Orders a Guinness, 2 pints of lager, a vodka coke, a vodka orange and a Cinzano and lemonade. . .
      iii.     J. Vharles .rnstein is a big stor poet e.g. n umber 59. in Monads, Legend



             This   →

l. Charles Bernsteen er en stor digter. f.eks nummer 59 i Monads, Legend

n. ‘They’  —  myth or them?

o. idea for variation on a Tom Clark poem. (Poem exists)
p. REMINDER — there is the analysis in ‘cans’ not in ‘whats’ or ‘whys’. This of course is only one analy(fragm,ent)

                               q. the titles of youth
                               r. four chinese lapdancers

t. destroyed or unused — lost in someway at least

    u.     what should Marcel Duchamp have done?
Gone off and had a discussion with someone else?
Is it him who puts Henry Moores in city parks?

v. everything that isn't conceptual art is conceptual art (no italics — mine)

x. Cs Bernstean est une grande maitre de poesie e.g. numero neuf err hvad er det errrr hvad? Hvad? Errrrrrrrrrr 59 dans Monads, Legend un danois accent dans le er (fragment) (fragment) (fragment) (fragment)

x. Remem
                z. by reproducing a motif you stumble into the narrative easily
z. fragment
a. Benjamin — the task was to get rid of the magic — this is a metaphor surely?
b. they were involved ina  secret klub and kinda seamed unapproachable
                c. or was that unwrappable?

                e. Jackson Pollock was NOT an art historian —
f. he was not an art historian

z. by reproducing a motif you stumble into the narrative easily
g. she's got tennis skirts and all that tennisskirts entail
                h. e’s definitely got tennis skirts
h. e's got tennis skirts
h. se's got tennis skirts
h. he's got tennis skirts (fragmant)

i. objects (2 or 3 years)

j. sexy riding her bicycle but in pursuit of what?
k. he talks about an expensive see-thru blouse, a cheap white bra tho still — whose image?
l. what about the other way round.
m. either way, are you (fragment)

n. he doesn’t say it’s sexy

o.               either way

o. The war between minimalism and abstraction
p. Wittgenstein
q. meanin and beautee
r. government vs prospective government

s. the sound of fists knocking on a wooden table