Sarah Jacobs

Deciphering Human Chromosome 16: We Report Here

Sarah Jacobs is a sculptor. Other works on this site are: The Zigzag Paths and Some Lives from Song of the Data Stream.

The Report is accompanied by the book, Deciphering Human Chromosome 16: Index to the Report. Both Report and Index are published by information as material. Both works deal with the debates and discourses constellating around the Human Genome Project.

The Report is designed to be read in an Adobe Reader version five or higher. The software can be downloaded free from the Adobe site. It is recommended that before you look at The Report for the first time, you set the Adobe Reader up so that pages advance automatically every five seconds. In the Reader to EDIT, then to PREFERENCES, then to FULL SCREEN. The Report will open in a new window on your browser, so you can easily return to Great Works.

For ease of use you may wish to copy the report onto your own computer and read it off-line.