Dylan Harris



the packets arrive marketing-liar glint
bright inside-see glisted envelopes
creating excited saliva undercurrent
promising just-once-more consumption desire
this-time the-last-time sate-now never-more lies

i’m immune junky crash-sale head-warp madness pharm-glit
less so drink-drunk like-now hurt-soon make-shout
my weakness they know my weakness these glisted promises
exotic-freedom strange-use want-buy must-buy rush
lucky dark-dread consequence only bailiff-court-sneer


absorb descriptor
adore review
runrun purchase


bollocks to the bastards
using my enthuse
to seek orders

discard their abuse
the press

them 0


all the glisted conmen

ad they’re the lady
smooth skin and glisten lust
a this is yours this now

ad they’re the guy
water-skipping every else to only you
they can’t stop
you can’t move

but where’s the glisted guarantee
where’s the promised consequentials

all the glisted conmen
they’ll never deliver


seek research build fulfil report
if you must

seek reuse brag
if you can

obey the law
minimal cost

adverts boast quality
its cheaper to law and lie