the stream
                                                          essence dissolved
                                                                         its disappearance
                                                                         delights it.
                             pure nothing
for him alone.
                                            himself, in his heart
              the operation                    carried out
                             denies the substance
              attach itself                       outside itself.
              turning towards the world:
                                                                                        pure intimacy
                             whatever it neglects                       whatever it abandons,
              indifference passion.
                             torn apart
                                                                                                      one another.
                                            pure absence
                                                                                        immobilizes him
                             perpetually absent,
                                            shifting also forms                           his presence,
                             each stage of himself                                      demands everything
                                                          speak in you".
                                                          deepness of the night
                                                          and he is the origin,
                                            does nothing but come
                             the surface of the world;
                                            condemn and to love
                             transforms the world,
                                            unreal before then
                             only a desire, I can turn it over
                                                          something which was not there
                                                                         which was there before
                                                                                        the transformation
                                                          condition of the world
turn change me,
                             in another form,