Johan de Wit

Palm Stories

Two near the sea

And ready to surf. The skyline at night contains door stops and jam butties. A mango a day to tango from cranky to swanky — no cravings for induced savings, no elliptic eye patches or suede ecstasy tablets to open the door. Brandy snaps to help digest peat-smoked sea trout and a desire for cream on top of sweet, borrow sweet, nothings are to be delivered while looking down the middle. It be either state or brief, home exists in smells: if you hear time muffled by a tablecloth running towards you, you get speech; if you see a red rose, you get bleach up your toes, but only after the interval is time set aside. Just as well is bound to be well, even if well is used to looking both ways. If you can hear words in the middle of the night approaching the sea floor, it's time to space out welcome, to switch on the light.