Catherine Daly


Last night, I read the Roman Elegies to her.
Then I laid the book aside, and improvised something for her...
she actually hung on my words...

Venus in Furs, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch


     the veil was rent
     “a small fur hat with a black veil”
     on / her / head

the above

temple below what place
worship     ?
          "craving classical nakedness"

      rhythm of the waves
     coral walls


keeping this

secret (not-writing)
(not loving)

seems a scandal and a shame.
     (to whom?)

Ashamed in the world
or humiliated by it
reduced to

     "nude in her dark furs"

scandalized by my own

by scandal,
by not

failing to believe in
     "dressed in a gown of white satin
     which floods down her body like light"

I've kept love.

If you
would know. . .)

     light penetrates the innermost sanctum

I'd be more embarrassed     humiliated
than confessing now     (in control)
     I. . .

I hold she:
keep it

my) belief (in him).
He is .

     "reflection works evil in you"

Poetry brought
to me.

Poetry this .

I disclose this
to you, who
     "white satin flows gracefully down her slender body,
     leaving her limbs bare"

revelation fulfills.


promise:     (program?)

everything, anyone

love interpenetrates .
     "hair interwoven with
     and held by
     a black velvet ribbon"

You may have missed (making)

your own song

tell my joy — it's yours,

not locked away,
a poem in a box
     unwritten poem in my body
     unsaid I

secret even from ;
not set apart.
     (cut above)
     "I noticed the furs were her
     only covering."

We meet.
Love arrives,


I love     my fault,
     poetry     love

I won't go