Christopher Mulrooney

and over the seastrakes

i. Martha St. Helena's

here's of now account
in the law's sundry-books
for a fraud of fame
belied belaud the bellied dame
fie! out cutpurse
for mere jactitation of marriage
expanse the scene-painting
whorelocks on the head
and the sideboard laden
with a heavy draught
into the marble of the footbath
running fizzy
the two towers of her bosom
erected upon the tissues of her lying
sweet samemost self
did sterling service utmost
on the table where she lay
like a patch of moss floating on the basin
at sunup

ii. a peculiar turn of the phrase

the taxonomical
bedbug stripery tears down
and the Muggletonian hamsters
turning the great wheel of prayer
pray you for the first sense
and the second sense and the
third sense and the fourth
sense and the
fifth sense and the sixth sense

and the music sense and the
musical sense and the foregone

the dour pans and the wild
cranberries in the serene
bog in the
sense whereas at the touch of our
gloves the whole wired
world turns inside
out giving up the

iii. Winken Blinken and Nod

I am very happy at the very musical phrasing
that gives very shapeful harmonising to the
symphony orchestra members of the full orchestra
and the clement weather resounding across the
Rockies under the full weather the iconosphere
and the spherotroid why not call us the Navy