Crag Hill

King of Clubs

We've got to reduce our own target. Aggression expands

'It was reported as his personal suitcase,' Hertling said.
'There were a lot of things that can be exploited'

touched a hot stove, 'Ooh! Ooh,' in
places where I'd neglected to remember the
lyrics, much the way my Dad used to

We thought: think for yourself. The advances of just a
small thought, the brand of the lathe, pushes back
deep trenches. He can't keep going; it's not his alone.
Consonant drift, a persistent wind, wrecks his reverie

There are many ways of looking at
death, but I like Henry Van Dyke's image of
a ship sailing over the horizon. Just at the
moment when we, on this shore, say, 'There
she goes, there is someone on the far shore

The stories people tell have a way
of taking care of them. If stories
come to you, care for them. And
learn to give them away where they
are needed. Sometimes a person needs
a story more than food to stay alive

In the process, they ran
across another moose in thick
brush and tried to entice one or
both of the rutty bulls out of the
thicket by imitating another
bull with grunts and thrashing
of nearby brush