A Balcony in Padova

Said this man to me deliberately, with a special interest in the mind,
Stay a while and smoke a little, try some of this black wine,

I’m sorry I said, but I have too much to do, so I really must decline.

His reply; relax my son, forget yourself, tomorrow there’ll be time.
But talk with me of trivia, it will help you to unwind,
Let me hear your thoughts, what do you say? A flicker in his eye.

I wish I could, I’d like to stay, but your offer is too kind
I’d love to talk but I have words to write, my workload is quite high.

None sense young man, draw up a chair, you are a guest of mine,
At least have one drink and let us laugh in this warm sunshine.

So I took a glass and drunk a little, and it really was quite fine.