Yusra Al Ayoubi


Give me another day my honest nation
Tomorrow, I stride on a trial of abomination
My judges are deaf and blind
My witnesses are mute
My head with thorns is crowned
My opponents play on an unjust flute.

Inject, my friends,
One drop in my veins
That my mission will not be in vain
Give me the power of a million voices
Let their echoes resonate
Over the world and devastate
All the belligerent, untruthful noises.

Cain killed his brother Abel
Possessed his wife and chattel
Since then,
Sins, great have grown.

The mild winds of the East
Restored the progeny of Abel to liberty
The tempestuous winds of the West
Crucified him
Whenever from death He came
The ashes of Jesus spread in the Universe
The soil of the West begot Augustine
The soil of the East begot Mohammed
Augustine said:
"The progeny of a slave
Eternizes in chains
As a punishment for his Sins
Let them serve
Their Master with Love
That their Slavery be free"
Mohammed said in his Victory:
"No superiority
Of an Arab to a Berber
But in Piety".

Thirty centuries or more
Of monotheistic generations
Living under the Sun
Rising from the East,
Setting in the West
Integrated Man
From the abecedary of the Holy Tablets
To the New Justice
Generation after generation
Knew the real god,
His holy tablet that "Man
Should not enslave another Man"
When this tablet is broken
Sins begin
And will never end
But with revolution
When hope is gone
No fear remains
The soul looks for Justice
Upwards, in the heaven domains.

The Man of the East
Was tired
Of gathering the Tablet bits
Whenever it was broken
It was his eternal fortune,
The holy spring
Of his eminence
What would he learn
From our dominance?
The greed of Agamemnon?
The treachery of Ulysses?
The vainglory of Alexander?
The ferocity of Crassus?
The blindness of Cato?
The pugnacity of Titus?
The bargaining of Augustine?
The Crusades of the Popes?
The Zionism of the Khazars?
What do we do now,
In the dawn
Of our third Millennium,
But to repeat
All our vices
And impute them
To the East?

I lived an austere life consecrated to truth
My object was to look behind the scene
For the glowing sooth
The scene was torturing me
Nothing but pain to see
A bird of prey and a victim to suffer
Nothing could make the world better
Two dragons biting the universe in two
No second choice in hand to show
But this precious hope in heart to make Man free.

In my years I've seen
Terrible wars
Done by rival brothers
Instigated by avarice and suffer
They stood apart, nothing to bring them together
Shedding their blood for the will of power
Until Falcon of Prey
Put them all under its sway.

In my years I've seen
Universal wars
Blasting the maps of united nations
Tearing those who were one to many pieces
For Falcon of Greed,
From their corpses, made its feed.

In my years I've seen
Secret wars
Made by secret agencies
Sacrificing men, women
And defenseless children
In the holocaust of agony
For Falcon of Perfidy
Extended the border of its sovereignty
Military was to crash opposition not enemy
A prison was built in the place of a nursery
A motherland became an exile
An exile became a sanctuary
In his Diaspora, a refugee
Became a terrorist
The wealth of the fatherland went
To swell up the pockets, free,
Of a monopolist, a usurer
And a death trader
The rubbish to fill the mouth
Of the legal beneficiary
Inflation rushed to rob Man his bite
Corruption overwhelmed and collared him so tight
While the Masses rushed as a mad herd, blind,
And could not survive, but in immorality
I believed then those nations
Were only vanquished,
When first, they were vanquished from inside.

When Falcon of New Imperialism
From height,
Could not subjugate
The rebellious masses
When its earthly Marionettes
Violated their oaths and promises
From its skies, it had to alight
It perched, eager to fight,
Armed from skin to marrow
Each one of its milliard feathers
Was a poisonous arrow
Its eyes sparkling with anger
Its wings spreading fire
Its claws clutching annihilation
The puppet kings came to meet their master
Carrying their fear and humiliation
Bowing down surrendering
To their disgraceful termination
With its sharp hooked beak,
Falcon of Dearth
Toppled their crowns to earth
And pecked their heads to death
Then left behind
Their dishonorable remains
To face, itself, the disobedient nations
Its hunger for revenge
Could not come to an end,
But to crash to ruins,
Their old civilizations
To demolish even their historical memory
To steal, after all, their treasury
To snap at its victims to bones
On the burned land, poisoned with radiation
Falcon of Terrorization
Built the nest of globalization.

In my years I've seen
Many countries
Shifting from the mild hell of the Old Colonialism
To the ferocious hell of the New Imperialism
Liberation movements were smashed
Or deviated
Independence was phantom
Will-o'-the-wisp was freedom
Justice was just an idiom
Friends became enemies
Enemies became friends
Class struggle snarled
Internal wars flashed
Sectarian wars thundered
Regional wars stormed
A global war utterly destroyed
The rebellious nations, at last, crashed
And were subjugated
Falcon of New World Order
Had its eternal disorder
New Imperialism
Into Old Colonialism!

How can I praise superciliousness?
How can I be bias?
Even to extend
A hand of a friend
To the killers of their own people?
I am a man of Peace, a real Peace
The falcons of the Pentagon
Are the ones
Who don't believe in Peace,
But in Genocide
The falcons of the Pentagon
Are the ones
Who don't believe in Democracy,
But in Democide
This slogan is still living in their minds:
"The best Red Indian is the Indian who died"
Terrorists are liberators
Liberators are terrorists
Their nations are dust,
Their Holy monuments are ashes.

I know well,
How the "Old Great Empire"
Robbed the wealth
Of the centuried cities
And set them on fire
I know well,
The just causes blinded to negation
Where the Palestinians had to quit their land
For another nation
On the other hand
It was my people's honesty
That Gave refuge and security
To thousands who wanted to live with dignity
And were chased away from their quarters
By rulers taking orders,
Hour by hour,
From the "New Only Super Power".

Now I'm accused
With a shameful crime
Being a traitor
To the interests of my country!

In the misty dawn
Of the new century
Streets are lying under rime
At the corner,
A homeless wanderer
Is covered with grime
Through his window,
A sleepless politician
Is overlooking, ready to mime
In the park,
A speechless clown
Is waving with a branch of lime
Absolute stillness,
Only the sounds of the city clocks
Are counting the running time.

How can I
The craving mania
Of a multinational joint company
Of universal usury and monopoly
When I
Hum a truthful rhyme
Or blow a trumpet to salute
The newborn morning
With melody clear and acute
When I
A huge demonstration
Not blessed by this administration
To emphasize
Man's right to wonder
When I
Say: No to war! No to plunder!
When I
Enjoy not the flexibility
Of a politician to resign,
But the man of faith design.

In the streets, people are gathering
The rising sun started to melt the frost,
Dispel the fog and warm the growing host
A sparrow taking a bath in a chilly puddle
Shaking off and flies high over the huddle
A young mother,
Pushing her baby carriage, says:
My anger
Made me at the end of my tether
I couldn't just sit every night
Watching on the screen
How people are going to fight
So that,
The fat cats become fatter
What I mean:
I had to come because I bother
About my baby's future
A crippled man in his wheelchair
Comes here to dare
Those who are crippled in their minds
A little girl,
On the shoulders of her father,
An old woman,
An anti war slogan,
A young man,
With a comic poster,
Starts to gesture
A teenager,
For his first time,
Feels like a grown man
The people of the world are present today
On their lives,
Determined to have their say.

I'm besieged with the lies
Of those,
Whose selfish privileges,
From our silence,
Were derived
Who are afraid now,
By our voices,
Of their privileges, to be deprived
But I am a man who remembers well
What happened to our soldiers sent to hell
How did they go,
Ten years ago
Or more,
To the land of palms and petroleum?
And how did they return
From the land of depleted uranium?
From our mistakes, we never learn
And always ready to repeat our blunders
All over again
In the battle field,
From both sides,
Only few hundreds were killed
To our advanced homicide technology!
We added another glorious verse
To our war anthology
After the war
Half a million
From the other side
Died from radiation
And half a million child,
Because of hunger, died
Young men just started their lives
Parted from their mothers and wives
To be sent
To kill and burn
And what did they get
In return?
Torn souls?
Poisoned bodies?
How did the radiation penetrate them,
Inhabit their every cell?
To beget children maimed,
Witnesses of the injustice done to man
By a pitiless man
From distance, echoes of knell
Another chapter has been written
In the book of martyrology.

The High Priestess of Foreign Affairs said:
"Sacrificing half a million child
On the altar
Of the liberation from the dictator
Is a price that should be paid"
In the Koran is written:
"He, who took life from one human soul,
Is as if he killed the entire humanity
He, who gave new life to one human soul,
Is as if he gave birth to the entire humanity"
Beg pardon, High Priestess!
One man's soul,
The miracle of the creation,
Our human race divine revelation,
Is too precious to be wasted.

Do you think demonstrators are paid
To demonstrate?
Maybe! Sometimes. Still,
The millions all over the world can't be paid!
Let's call a spade a spade
It is the earth nations will
That overwhelmed the streets
As torrents, can't be stopped
They saw the light of the jour
That will never fade
These demonstrators, I'm sure,
Will come to my aid
My judges and jury,
They will be
And will try my cause truly
As it should be
For the clear certainty
Drives away
The ambiguous query
And their verdict
Will bring to the end
This story.

I'm putting my cause
Before those
Who believe in Peace,
The fate of Man
Not those
Who hold the Bible
In one hand,
The arms of mass destruction
In the other hand,
Heaps of lies, false accusations
And prejudiced condemnations
To justify enslaving Man