Allen Fisher


The Burglar effect
holds light a moment
less than a millisecond
robbed of love
blowing clover and the falling rain
entanglement with mythical forms
of multiple experience
ancient shields scoured of rust
used as a pot-lid
liberated from ritual and cult

Her garment was so bright and wondrous sheene
That my fraile wit cannot devize to what
It to compare, nor finde like stuffe to that,
From her unhastie beast she did alight,
And on the grasses her daintie limbes did lay
In secret shadow, farre from all mens sight:

Laboured to render myself useless
entangled by logical fallacy
that delight in giddiness
count it a bondage to fix a truth
which judge itself
teaches that inquiry
of love-making
enjoying that truth a sovereign
knowledge that too much amorous affection
quits both riches and wisdom
of no computer programme whatsoever

Things combined, halved, interchanged,
in preparation for nuclear attack
that great persons had need to borrow
other opinions to think themselves happy
He judges by his own feeling, cannot find it
but if he thinks with himself
what other placed moments
would fain be as he holds

The Seraph of Peace from fury had fled
The room in which the interrogation
as opposed to torture
to be conducted defines coercion
The colours of walls,
ceilings, rugs, furniture
should not be startling
should be free of distractions, Pictures
should be missing

identities presence absence
page as
    installation space
talk and composition
where good is prescribed
    privileged time
    from left margin

The mixture in the City
solemn, silent, sterile,
bogus, provocative, inactive,
very expensive
unsure which is which
spontaneous, shameless, fertile,
ordered, arduous, active, love offers
grave serenity and peace as much as sexual and felt

Then he holds happiness
as it were by report
when he finds the contrary within
he lifts the first that finds his own griefs
and last to find his own faults
where parts and signs of goodness are many
his gracious touch
and courteous to the Stranger
shows he is citizen of the world.

Spin and momentum coupled
in spin-orbit
ultrafast optical techniques to spatiotemporal
resolve spin dynamics
in strained gallium arsenide and
indium gallium arsenide
epitaxial layers unexpected
observation of spin splits
arise from strain in semiconductor films

His heart not an island cut off but
joins to other continents
compassionate towards
the affliction of others
shows his heart
wounded itself when it gives balm
tasked to discover connections and their expansion
dangers no more light
if they seem light

Sensations vary and appear to
duplicate or repeat
experiences link memory to these
sensations and finds difference
and similarity
whether to renew experience or
repeat it as likely as new
experience at each perception facility
to memorate spacetime with internal gorse

Trapped inside phase-coherence,
two pulses inject the control
results in absorbance of a signal field and
storage of a quantum state of the signal.
The suppression of noise
vital to avoid decoherence,
even tiny amounts of stationary light
introduce large nonlinear

Every medicine an innovation
hard to speak with truth and untruth together
in a few words, Whoever delighted in solitude
either wild or a god where natural or secret hatred
towards society is savage unless out of a love
and desire to sequester his own high conversation
where solitude in a crowd produces without love
and friends are scattered needed only in misery
aperspectively to make visibility

Contemporaneity of the future
difference of dry light to his drenched affections
a councel given by others and
his own flattery
Friendship offers peace in affection
support of judgement
twin desires in a body
a body confined once with a typewriter
and ideas of politics in another.