Adrian Clarke

POSSESSION: snapshots from the war on terror

Item "unfranchised"
Home Counties
snowed under
figuratively cash
injects the
domestic fever
cell replacement
for narrative
drift abstracted
from vital
statistics cross
over before
they see
fashion parades
its chiselled
features in
ersatz sub
texts high
streets tracked
through symbolic
footage decorum
cut sutured
on hoardings
open plan
synthesised edict
and subsidiarity
with a
redesigned page
factive effects
naturalised refugees
vetoed for
native tradition
folksy Latino
meaning indeterminate
"redundancy" channels
heterogeneous millions
From President's
hand to
intergalactic this
Sphere's Coprosperity
ups comprehension
a 100
less cover
no vacancies
at domestic
level estranging
main streets
screened by
trees the
interstitial gone
full colour
agoraphobic cogito
a step
beyond perception
frames on
line commerce
a politic
transcendence the
one term
accommodates at
fractional cost
drawn to
the heavens
a too
reputable opiate
once removed
perception not
Third Way
lost votes
for the
Big Picture
"in the
beautiful white
ruins" I
owe an
intertext its
"oddly unambitious
images" still
as appropriate
achromatic on
the shelf
flakes atomised
a calibered
black reassuring
in long
shot behind
the banana
bread caucus
denizens setting
the trans
National Vet
on horse
back ass
back Uzbeks'
unaided rogue
status still
dependant pro
of whose
appointees? begging
the question
dragonise diagnosed
exotica rhapsodic
behind cracks
patched with
frost submission
the heels
of another
medium America
encompasses Edenic
never visited
on normative
economies' fingerprint
circulation dwarfed
flora flip
the concrete
boardroom cold
snap abruptly
expansive tundra
fresher at
the poles
the spoils
are goods
symbiotic glossed
footage sic
fetishes strip
pixelate constructs
explosive suited
a step
back bourgeois
hacks to
the spiritual
margin jangling
the nerve
ends here
where heroes
wear thin
smiles over
frozen wastes
campaign whale
bone under
writes strait
laced creationist
hymns in
the storm
windows' covenant
enabled age
of the
earth promised
gravely a
purchase on
worlds man
years beyond
the crack
of doom
at home
is a
head where
this second
unwinds on
the threshold
the poem
investigates no
consequence in
the thought
related progress
archived digitally
x years
down the
line camp
fire artifice
at the
limits of
household tax
deductible a
Platonic weapon
subject to
status figuratively
speaking let
that fall
into hands
shadows comfort
with an
illusion of
thick walls
projected an
order of
poses or
any instant
as in
a dance
rail car
plane diagram
black rectangle
blurred by
saturation a
secondary scene
phantasy reversed
pictorial space
suppressed on
the newscast
smoked glass
a mineral offset
quantified at
rehearsal SNAP
FLICK trailer
park gestures
stub iconic
foreground glow
transformed in
duration the
primary images'
daydream englobed
milk lit
from within
a material
paradise ajar
at the
world's back
too dazzled
for objects
scrambled in
daylight's watery
reflections ooze
bubbling implunged
clouds toxicity
habitat abandons
crocodile on
its roof
soil a
rhyme for
usage discarded
with home
and nation
refusal a
sage frameshift
reconciled collectively
in a
different element
the aesthetic
function's free
range groups
social over
field formulations
rootless varieties
minus rudder
anything goes
hermetic in
the sea
between Greece
and credo
campus pagani
gloss genre
"specialist" behind
name plate
rubber plants
plate glass
elucidates head
for house
not "on"
arms wings
in space
its invisible
platform semi
audible staff
announcement commuted
to paedeutics
an idea
packed suburbia's
mapped cognitions
real entities
chalked in
the mist
distance witnesses
a border
conflict the
common practice
encryption signals
no variant
cancelling conversion
satellite to
penthouse part
veiled an
equated estrangement
planet wide
traffic islands
a terminal
Friday prayers
drowned outskirts
begin at
Customs mirror
image cross
dressed dawn
to dusk
rails shelved
Calais roughly
tugs material
vigils witness
raw silk
tightening bellies
stripped to
stays less
papers "declare
nation" begs
to sustain
an us
we suffer
second hand
market induced
retro models
the same
body each
generation her
own bag
borne synonymically
no GAP
between name
and choice
conscripted the
Book unscrolls
as discursive
instance a
case YOU
SUSPECT invalid
briskly relaunched
derailing the
season a
scheduled suburbia
burst into
view with
terminal imperatives
between flats
and embankment
resistance side
tracked by
a slogan
our Leader
inserted skirting
abstraction head
stitched figure
equivocal off
billboards adjusting
a gesture
to the
market scarf
or veil
negatives urgent
issues ossuary
frustrates imaged
again stick
'em a
lack action
focused genitive
from the
outset stood
up "bootleg"
prosthetic ill
matched in
transit vapour
trail backbone
dispersed in
the ashes
with strategic
plans THE
Your government
where targets
failed zonal
dispersal home
to rabbles
a gun
spins flagging
statistics the
onus farmed
out granted
hindsight three
bit real
estate evidence
pending further
research this
landscape's mustard
yellow rendered
safe Capital
sources mercurial
departures under
black budded
trees oil
seed rape
stone a
mosaic of
forest mosses
our parish
rolled back
gunmen chanting
from gaps
and cracks
marine corps
security bulldozed
at high
cost in
a healthy
mind "what
they do"
led home
the green
misty heart
a last
message collapsed
into fact

February-April 2004