Dead Matter

Storm the transport office, obtain the "access all areas" pass, delineate the contours, and fight. Raise from the dead, dead matter. Find the enemies, lay off the sentries, allow passage, as long as cause and effect is dispensed with. Once they are ready to draw their fire, be ready to subvert the enemies and begin by offering them a white flag. If they do not accept that you have submitted to their greater power, hoist up a black flag and run riot in their hearts. Whichever way, you cannot lose. It's black or white. Do or die.

The body must be strong enough to withstand any force of violence. In the event of unnatural violence, the body must be given up. Regarding human violence, then such is matched, fought by the usual bodily violence.

The most difficult to combat is unnatural violence. Yet full of desire, all one can do is accept that any threats of that kind, when they arise — because they arise — the body is ineffectual. For instance, searching for the illuminated man, I made the mistake of attempting to overcome unnatural violence by employing means more suited to the threat of ordinary human violence. As a result of taking matters too far, my body was severely damaged.

Once the need to record has been satisfied, dead matter becomes irreversibly contained in the record of its own existence. Its inherent being as matter is pre-eminently sanctimonious. Matter is inclined toward pious regard. In its essence, once that essence is uncovered, it is re-created by grace, transsubstantiated by due care and attention. Unfortunately, what constitutes dead matter is too often regarded dismissively as having an identity merely as an objective force of nature or human invention, which is wrong.

Dead matter is an evolution out of the senses. Mere sanctification cannot reduce it to a function in space and time. If you do that, you merely make your own self into an object the value of which is in accordance with the reducible value you place on dead matter, when it is in fact totally worthless. Nothing for ambition or profit is gained through dead matter. Dead matter is automatically resolved by its own dispensation. And we live as living matter, animals crossing the tireless waves, released into birth against the matter of our sought-and-found.