Zebra Flank

This is a whip lash over steel, concrete, glass; reversing the current.

This is violation. Techné serves the alien.

Never be subservient to the masquerade. Instead engage with, reflect upon and interact with the evidence for your theoretical divisions. From the aeroplane aura of this catharsis, a discourse of love shall emerge, pregnant with lust.

Reversal of temporality brings an infinite, imaginal radiance.

The imagination is an actual person, a magical person constituted by statements and actions. Whether asleep or awake, s/he is not always sentient, but resides in every form other than that which does not coincide with desire.

This way please . . . You brought your dreams? Psychiatric reports are blowing cattle dictation. What do you want dreaming to do?

This is fire breathing fire through an empty cast of skin.