Boots Hotwater Bottle

Getting ready for bed
you say, it's cold in here, and I say,
it's warm to me, and you:
but I am me and it's cold,
so of course I know I must go
downstairs and put the kettle on
for the light purple Boots
hotwater bottle, BS 1970:1984,
KM 14029, No.7, which I bought
knowing I would have to supplement
my body heat which is normally
sufficient to pre-warm your side
of the bed, but on nights like these
is not. And so it goes, like this:
before the water reaches the boil
I pour it into the hotwater bottle
four-fifths full, pressing out the air
so the water just reaches the base
of the spout; I then stopper
the bottle with the white stopper
provided, wipe off any excess
water, and bring it upstairs,
laying it in your side of the bed.
It also reads, made in England.