That there is one tree, playing
many roles: vague attributes of abstract
concepts call on imagination. Description makes
of itself something. '[A]llusion without symbols'
(since 'a thing cannot be its
own symbol'): a forest emerges, which
is a symbol, so has nothing
to do with the tree: seeing
the wood cancels the tree. A
last gasp: camera raised, focused on
a diner in the distance. Violins
continue screeching. Despite the friendly waitress
and cheery neon, you won't enter.
Stood in the wrong place at
the wrong time, a totalising, alien
system invades the disparate. With symbol
line grows thick, citizens require identity
cards, borders close, all is separated.
In a troupe of unclear qualities
each and every one mooches in
at one time or another. Instance
and again yearn they would hang
around, not necessarily to chat, but
to imagine various more definite structures,
a churn of tint, orange or
green, in a but for that
lucid-as-crystal mineral that's
just come away, of individual picking,
from an era of ostracism beneath
the settee. And why loom currently?
The mediocre ghost may be on
pins for something, since an out
-of-the-blue intermission performing a
message can have greater influence to
agitate than a complete string of
sinking houses, and present company can
just about interpret characters stating the
unearthing of omitted lass, an obscure
meeting. Is it the weak glow?
Or tears the school of which
contrast to pricey jewels? We worry
regarding this not just a tad
but never recognize: this evening's tourist
lands as a whiff of blazing
money, trailing me down constricted hall
from bedroom wizened by books. Close
at hand is nowhere to arrive.
It looks affable, anxious. A come
back from outer space. Or something
that's broken momentarily from my body
to glean atmosphere like a vibration
after putting to death a rambling
nocturne exploring pick-me-ups to
elongate its boughs a smidgen, to
ring a bell in me I
have been passing over. Yes I
have overlooked it. This I see
as a semblance to a visitor
at a crowded shindig who has
not been opened: a gorgeous caller
but with a fix of admonition.