It was too abstract, no examples. He had to look for another plot —
with correct colour, more detail (and outside the leaded window,
e.g., there are two small figures cavorting on a huge dining table) —
of land to build his Gulliver on. At which point the minute taker
tugs his trousers round his waist. But the chair was deeply upset
I couldn't find the silver spoon or, come to it, the price of bread.
Your manuscript on the possible was missing, that could only be
completed by the next line and the edge of the page that some
that something had been cut off making me wonder if it is false
and there was always the feeling the three things are all related.
The plan was shelved and thus, what the fuck has Irish politics,
that do not exist in the original, got to do with the countryside?
As in the phrase, 'You can’t step in the same horse twice', water
is the bridge. Cubism's purpose is form and form’s conclusion
is pattern, unless something comes up. The Titanic goes down
in history, killing everyone. Leonardo DiCaprio plays an Irish
rogue looking for a new life in the USA. But the Potato Famine
weighs heavy: he is pulled down — lifeless metaphor — and a dove
lies anchored to the field. Bird and character both insubstantial.
Some people don’t like to think that that copy is actually truer
than the reproduction I've seen and dismissed this out of hand.
A vulgar workman showing bum interrupted, hesitantly: Actually,
The Arnolfini Portrait is smaller among the forearms of the gods.
It was almost impossible to read of themselves as Lilliputians.