1. Almost everything you thought is wrong.
  2. The French angel fish mates for life.
  3. The Ancient Greeks did not wear trainers.
  4. Certain packages are re-sealable.
  5. The moon has other ideas.
  6. Librarians are not the enemy.
  7. The monkey uprising has been averted.
  8. It is not the Dark Ages yet.
  9. Whatever was still somewhere is.
  10. No-one saw you at the salad bar.
  11. There is no perfect circle.
  12. God does not care where you get you hair cut.
  13. Some mornings the light is like honey.
  14. Even if you stopped now you would still be somewhere.
  15. No-one remembers a word you said.
  16. You do not have to think about this now.
  17. She is not dead, just distracted.
  18. In some cultures, table tennis is considered subversive.
  19. White people can listen to reggae.
  20. Rhubarb and custard.
  21. The simple life is for simple people.
  22. It doesn’t have to mean anything.
  23. Eventually, the council will take the rubbish away.
  24. Nectarines are sometimes in season.
  25. The truth is only a form of words.
  26. It will grow back.
  27. It is not 1983.
  28. If it came to it, you probably could take a panda in a fight.
  29. Sunglasses make you invisible.
  30. It costs nothing to keep an imaginary dog.
  31. Now and then, there is an unopened pack of cigarettes in the long grass.
  32. The girls you knew at school are just girls you knew at school.
  33. Ridicule is nothing to be scared of.
  34. The reflective life does not require mirrors.
  35. It is never too late to start cleaning your shoes.
  36. One day, you won’t have to catch the bus any more.
  37. You will not need sandwiches on the Day of Judgement.
  38. They always made Oscar Wilde play in goal.
  39. Zeus has moved into one of the new bungalows.
  40. Everything ends.