Icons fastened

icons fastened
in our shadows
are alienated
collapse and re-configure

bodies broken on rocks
emit flights of diaphanous wings

armoured plating beaten into tectonic mirrors
cannot encase the ferment
that rips   seeps out
melting steel into new reflections

we have wilfully honed and marshalled
have hunted desolation to slip from venerable strictures

but we are captivated by the iniquity
of labelling the inconstant so that we can enter the eternal

there is much exaltation in the purity of the self-contained
but opulence escapes without the perception and reverie
of the magician's crucible

organic gestalt or schizoid meltdown
both entwine in infinite venom and mutuality

I assume I am my own
therefore I am

from out of my damnation flows iconic hubris