The Empire of Fear

For a moment the light disappeared
behind the rise of a dune. How far do
ants help in allowing us to think through
what we are doing? Here the lexicon
of advertising is telling. By happy
coincidence, the Dayglo Pirate was
already planning his departure. A
hobby is the happy medium between
a passion & a monomania, & many a
pirate was a gleeful monomaniac!
It is apparently always difficult to
leave a voluntary organisation, yet
these people have a great deal of
money. If the pirates were radical
democrats, then the Spanish were

All roads surely lead to Rome yet it
might be nice to spend a few days in
Venice. A certain puritanical captain
had long sensed moral danger in
credit but the pirates went fishing
for their favourite food, the lump-
sucker. Current thinking believes them
to be poisonous, but If you think
education is expensive perhaps you
should try ignorance. His fear of attack
overwhelmed common sense, yet hermit
crabs, swimming crabs & sand-hoppers
were also devoured. Pirates spend
most of their lives at sea but each year
for just a few weeks they have to return
to the coast in order to breed.