A patch of gravel is Chelsea
with Georgian doors

I came here from Dublin
before I was eighteen—
paid my first visit to Paris
the most profitable place
in the world to study and where
I met George Moore

Please send me on proofs as soon
as they are pulled as I can do
the initial letters as well

I will be in town on Friday about noon
and if convenient will give you
a run in on chance—when perhaps
you will spare me a quid or two

When advertising the 'Evil Guest'
I know you won't forget to say
'with Thirty illustrations and a cover
designed by—'

As I am obliged to live from day to day
I would rather work on small terms
that I can count on by a certain date
than receive instalments
from time to time

I'm sorry you had the trouble
without the result—I have another idea
about some of my father's stories
which there should be some money in
if it was worked—we might talk it over
when you are next visible

I am a member of the Playgoers Club
on the upper floor of Gattie's Marble halls

I'm working at the Books for Bairns
I lent our 'Little Green Man'
to Stout at the Review of Reviews
he seems to think an Irish story
would not be understood
by English children (I confess
I cannot see it myself)

Thanks for sending the monograph
of my father: the fireworks display
comes in very well but you left out
the poker with which he was armed—
the old butler was bombarded
with missiles from the iron safe
at the head of the kitchen stairs
which he flew down like a redshank
and to the end of his life could never tell
how he managed to escape to his room
minus one coat-tail which a Roman candle
had played upon and his left whisker
which the Golden Rain did for

If you were are doing any illustrations
I have one or two projected for it
which I could ink in in a very short time

London life is a good deal to young people
making their way
but Kate and I often sigh for the Green Fields & sea

My wife saw the Zep in flames
the cheering echoed through London
—your flying son must bring down another—
I was in a back room when it fell
but saw the blood red flare after it came down

Have you seen the 'Bookman' yet—
the new paper laws have already begun
the slaughter

Today has been a very sober St Patrick's day
in London—Irish Whisky is 10/- a bottle

I have now finished restoring the portrait—
there were some holes in the canvas
one leaves a ridge near the eye
which is not now visible with a light
coming from the left

I hope your ancestor won't be torpedoed

Please send postal orders as now
I have no banking acc & hate asking favours

Take the corks out of the canvas carefully