Lace ruffles spell a story
about the cuffs and neck

Love is always selfish

you must capture the 'o'—voilà

a carriage wheel spinning
hoofs in the night

dizzy garnet eyes

rub through the fabric
to chestnut curling
my cunnyhole

Leave your bloomers off
you see what comes
of strangling people
with hymns

I am Laura, this is my home

Assumed!—To assume is to make
an ass out of u and me

tsk, small livid marks

in an underbreath
words never heard or read

May I enter the library

squeeze and the panel

You are the girl from my dream

there's a woody scent

Twelve years ago
I saw you

build me a fire
in this draughty schloss

Something like a cat
creeps in

leaves a silver hoop

when is a lock not a lock

Mircalla's I am
in a long descent

clutched as a rose
alive in death