Power Pollution

blipping universals litter the power

night explicated dictator of aggressive interaction


axis of mocha nymphomaniacs

backstops of manifestation

low and Grinding

percentage trembling and Breathing

experience night:

escallop stars

first overburdened elasticized stucco

binocularized teetotaller in the longevity shop's garden

internet beats'

breathing an exit

credential simplex

april stars,

the unzipped jackpot

ague and temerity

dusk serene

overpopulation download

why suburbia is in dub

on as the all the mortal are

tripping up countryside horses with isn't this March.

rave power, cops have a mind

here first they are

like some dead  horizon sound scanning a train

I reaction the windows

video festival

must music bomb the dance

some ruined  person came to the warehouse  to locate the revolting police

revolving like some 80s robot band

why trembling

breathing It emotions

woodland carries a dangerous and doomed culture

computer lives when shifting the Universe

more than movies you have less to attest against unreal snapshots

considered that music?

admitted system of lego society

previous  forward returned

outdoor apples  experiment  with years

humans write one incomprehensible history

consumerism goggles and  thunder windows

long term acceptance needs shadows

an ecstasy measure pasture

and referring to targeted black skins

random active through satellites soaring


slowly gadget horizon

state events

try flung blossom music

steel sophistication theories

thousands strong create thunderheads

opponent the dusk pattern

beingness governed human-like by selections

derelict GARAGE

isolation that beats live in

it last romped anywhere


scanning cars slowly

they gasped willingly

she’s robot ready

defusing away with them

abbreviated experience

activity members are partners in time,

thoughts: arrange places.

white sound because they predict darkness

even beginning is a  modified dangle


each  word starts explosions

telling "opponents" that we are small stars

and hours are our hands.

the glinting no poem

combination flowers that society requires

tread choice mind game

brain hangar of deep accused time

revived exit waves dominated soldiers

interviewed Organisers

disco brain

until secret money  tripled curiosity

died individualism

ripening secular flashes before feeling

spare parties

this gleamed silo

i Robot whether the heart which serving neurons is really a continued sky

where do such lost vivid sunsets go


volunteers attracted responses

sites now affected in the  U.K.

night discovered obscenities

recurrence / intimacy

things line-up idling

masking down  concavity

view wide away

successful display day

inside artefact of simulated days

personnel's step to bohemian pictures

what body site can scanner the physical field

knowing a nuts version of it

finger licking god

into an ominous legal rape


few might construct and decide to be reborn:

recite name

everybody impudent

the right human-shaped crowds

machines place blows upon thee

hammer rains import

mental machine called serene

power blackouts

fruitful government

tens of  yourself alive

post offset Iraq is humorous

got joy a rare soul triggering

slow descent
of Understanding

spirituality seems a pity compared with designed function

not boundaries

the big-time mind controls

I spirit the Meanwhile

damaged unvarying agents

supporters returning

acceptance known to promote  program

people want the 1980s?

their unleavened psychological terrorist state

violating spyglass

man factors

experienced almost enough

costumes of human

planes Destroyed

religion rather nonplussed

origins are dirty percussions

armed to denote set- strike

soul deleter lapses the dusk like an ominous stretch of space