Soundtrack (from the Jes Grew Songbook)

“Democracy is just a word in the dictionary”,
She says, bitterly.
The rest is decoration

Pictures of napalm (now & then)
A showstopper;
Khaki Tony & his flame-grilled whopper
Chickenhawks talk up the endless war
Of sections & cold corridors

Soundtrack suggestions,
For this mayhem,
From the Jes Grew Songbook:

The sinew, the hook, the source
Hillbilly blue

The Mississippi Sheiks
‘Stop & Listen’, and
‘Alberta’ Blues

Joe McPhee’s version of ‘Django’
Laments from Joe, J. B. Lenoir,
Lightning Hopkins, Rise Kagona,
Ra, Coltrane, Memphis Willie B,
& Mingus, “Don’t drop that atomic bomb on ME”

Quicknin’ Time, dimeless
Birmingham, Alabama
Srebrenica, again

‘War is Starting Over’
Houston you have. . .
Lightning. . .