Instructions for Possible Use

What follows is a virtual audio tour

Or an actual anti-tour

Of the Emma Holt Bequest held at Sudley House

Recorded on audiotape for walkman

For the ambulant solitary in performance for a group walking

Broadcast in an audio medium: radio, with music

Performed live, with movement

Many voices or many voices in the one

Or read silently with these possibilities in mind

Enacted in the originating rooms (in which it was largely written

An accompaniment through several other rooms

(From which pictures have been removed windows covered

Or your cluttered domestic spaces a series of empty rooms perhaps

Around the corners of a single room, even

One fixed rule: Never to be performed out of doors

The interior is all

Improvise against the setting

Real or imagined

Incongruities between text and space need not be emphasised in any way

Let the auditor(s)/ambulatory(s)/reader(s) deal with them in their own ways as part of the realisation of