None forgotten first a look
gone bad significance itself considered
book. Entitled time a penance
due, completed pretext a competent
meaning under words, a new

copy. Things found, a copy
from work foisted rack volume
none forgets, first mover moved
a scribble gained, recorded here
uninsipid moment emptied earlier here.


Utterly distinguished canonical hour: nine
times over animal vegetable natural
echo deus fortified Venus dominates
back forth emanating spirits vehicle
beyond sense, there misery impedes

frequently: ego dominates us: ego
purged — lone name, lone nature
proleptic new hurt, nine times
over, video hurt, she spoke
suns / soul rules / fixed stars

precession ends beginning tired procession
unaltered, chamber music hearts pulse
trembles. Earlier passions actions sent
backwards eastwards back and forth
then ghostlike weeping hearts minds

eye. Beginnings end most noble
bliss wracked wretched pleasure — 'here
come bounds' — many-times-sought borne dignity
imaged godlike — mannered, governed — hierarchy
stricken perceptual, most profit bliss

reasoned pleasure: image spoke truth
lacquered, copied, imagination-powered, attended to,
found full her one and
only name — by many messed
around — a third degree, a

larger claim, eye-forming / eye-mitigated / eye-
delighting master often hindered here.
A twelfth degree appeared to
deign a domineering of said
market forces, a certain decorating

advice — inceptive light not nine
times over circled back a
larger claim, an often hindered
master — 'here are bounds' — commanded
to seek, found out promise

to himself self-uttered truth, truth-uttered
self speaks parts to whole, whole
speaking parts are tethered, rendered
necessary dressing up, around, a
nourishment attended to, age-suitable, a

civil self inscribing headings: reasonable
advice as counsels profiteers, ill-theming
strand a fond and sudden
amateur attachment ten miles down.
Omit much to see more, a

third degree of heat mines
eyes — beginnings end — consorting ends
proscribed ('she had secrets' — but
of this no more is
said). The moment of enactment

recognition butts forgiveness into line:
foreknowledge renders innocence enough, donating
Venus echoes deus fortified dominates
animal vital natural: omission before
sense importance lies utterly distinguished.


Fear of beginnings saw him
coming: locomotive power to motion
place to place to boss
intense: moved on to do
so by desiring treatments pending

language gender matches maker, foxhole
dwelling, seeing psalms — processional — arrayed:
the bassline baseline vivid, vital:
voice echoes clamour in a
desert, parted from needed decorum

— cannot even endure purpose, expectant
faces awaiting answer: something which
cannot fail. A dab and
splash. An anxious speech a
presentation stayed: addressing pleasure spoke

to tantalise gently another tantalised
bare: ego tampers, centres circles,
opens stimulation and modestly inhabits
circumstances apart from automatic nonsense.
Bliss now lies: words that

praise respond to questions, to
truth-telling condition-distracting intentionally-composing nonesuch words:
shame equals departures forever spoken
otherwise. Resolved to choose materials
gracious one decision undertaken theme

loftier than air can hold.
A thing in itself distinct.
All truth is false in
this intellectual bodily substance: possession
furthers still a motive revealed

far later on, verbal and
voluble three in one which
spoke silence preceding indications concerning
our condition: never again addressed
to her directly: occasion for

new theme offers listening pleasant
as brief concerning possible love
mentioning laughter also characteristic: man
of men, of human vernacular:
a clarified discussion suits a

purpose understanding ancient times vernacular —
other nations happen still. Greater
poetic license conceded a blow,
composing verses more and less
the same: moved to do

so: saw him coming: image
colouring words fitted and resonating,
spoken to inanimate objects seen
possessing sense and reason each
to other. Mighty bells see bells

preventing hate — multi-roaming — tame and
indebted to civic arms: damned
duration, fill up yr temper
preternaturally stimulated: O why, voice,
translate per view, attending to

sight is a sad, sick
and dolorous menu: toss again
while labour explores options and
mighty labels fasten us in,
view the core of us.

Although appearance learnt secret hearts
gathered certain enjoyed company, knew
well each seen swooning fortunate
guide addressing pleasures spoken, caught
many ladies laughing themselves, stood

before gaining confidence, footnote to
desire, many ladies laughing themselves:
anxious speech a presentation stayed.
Unreal dream more real than
urgent undressing-like retreats from social

upset: seeing and wishing to
make it evident: a telling
to enact a further pact:
so gracious no attachment may
alleviate — a deviant detachment seeking

best: a better bet bites
bitter on the upsurge, caking
fit alignment on its perch —
the two preceding parts define
a new curve, a recruitment

to a further cause: disposed
to influence sufficiently, to miracle
a past back to that
time. A shorter space no
mortal might attest: here space

alights: a slave to machinations
fumbled up, a power to
rant, a will. Intense transfiguration
says itself and seldom leaves
oppression to itself: appearance fascinates

division, first in reason (company
not yet explainable to different
subjects popping up announced and
falling back), relate by love
a proposition made by reason's

bough: a hearts condition examples
pity's place, a comfort torn
by blanching face, to eyes
destroyed and never seen again
by anyone, addressing nothing: set

him up and saw him
off: essential theme loftier than
last: feared beginnings booked: a
vital accident in substance setting
up a secular departure formulating.


An empty city widowed great —
involved improved and called and
empty yet. Why moderns said
it solo: civility is plenty
popular — facts still quasi-seen, dominated

gentle, in this, in that
text: preface denies conclusion its
seclusion, the manner in which
it should be dealt with:
discussed departure, greatest reverence, empty

yet. A triad of excuses,
reasonable intentions denied a visible
capable absence, insufficiently commanding, a
wobbly grip: its nine appearances
deceptive unreasoned occurrences, numbers played

a role pertinent to theme
blameworthy in the extreme, an
overbalanced top, to number her
closer: fitting in unaided orphan
topics fitted up: a count

begun by soothing her most
worthy soul, moved heavens in
perfect relation — just one reason
one asks another another reason
why number might multiply harmony:

movements affect the earth, following
relations of this to that:
she and number are actually
synonymous, actively accompanied by three
more subtle persons (pleased us

more): we plainly see: a
nine / a miracle / a root.
Infallible truth a paradox makes
understandable more subtle thinking: perfect
numbers digit up to a

reckoning: movement affects the earth:
a century placed in a
century accompanied by three: a
nine, a root, a miracle:
substance not sunrise calendars require

reached ten times ten the
moving heavens: a perfect relationship
turned barren city, all departing
hence shocked, stripped of dignity
weeping still: those in, concerning

its conditions, in: how modesty
edits the soul, civilising plainer
facts, and on: an explanation
excuses attempts at pithier turns
of phrase, following the front

serving said material as face.
Wish it so, someone: reproach
foregathers gloom words follow, written
in rough, hinging on understanding
contrary to the saying of

rights: auditors pass go as
ever: entirely here and printed
down: a perfect relationship according
to said reckoning: we plainly
see it: cities sit solitary.


See revolutions caused first mover
moved, familiar source a moment
uninsipid — sentence pressing down — knowledge
hers: ask after us, gazing
upon a full stop coup

d'état (unique apparent aim an
elevation — span granting span — a
flourish seen). Anti-ironic muscle-bound gazette
resolves its paper confines too
abject, too often surplus energy

sets off revulsion: a picture
pressed concerning pitted page on
page — light upon light — a
surge implicit improves precession, choir
appears as ominous, secular benedictions

bias bliss, a basis ached
forensic, set apart: ask after
us: one hoping simple pleasured
soul named graciousness ascending ladder
bliss (best book battered better).