for Dean Young

the metal museum: the circulation of signs
the museum of biscuits: the elemental state of materials
the wax museum: tonight we sleep with the long dead king
the museum of retrotechnology: the hot tub was not meant to be used
the museum of breakfast: mouths open, teeth showing
the museum of childhood: the cry at zero
the museum of witchcraft: abstract frottages depicting psychic energy
the online museum: a black hole in which logic meets indecision
the museum of power: firing at random into the crowd
the transport museum: a man on the sidewalk with a mechanical leg
the museum of advertising: the language of capitalism
the museum of fruit: a last slip of orange above the ridge
the wool museum: creature comforts and the easy life
the museum of brewing: an unquenchable thirst to discover
the museum of everything: visible quirks and hidden tragedies
the museum of spam: the outcome of digital technology's onslaught
the museum of myth and fable: a work in progress
the museum of firepower: unconstrained access to lethal weaponry
the museum of broken relationships: nothing to be upset about
the police museum: a framed official document
the museum of pure form: the loudness of sine waves
the yo-yo museum: relaunched as a spiritual exercise
the boomerange museum: a strictly enforced policy of no re-admittance
the museum of bacteria: viral spread and a sense of obligation
the museum of burnt food: a chronicle of disaster
the museum of lost interactions: the transparency of documentation
the museum of the moving image: a flight of steps for chorus girls to descend
the textile museum: ellipses of colorful yarn occupy the space
the museum of tattoos: an arresting array of bloody red stains
the museum of broken packets: notice the holes
the museum of bad art: doomed to be taken all too literally
the museum of flight: shore leave ornithology
the museum of electricity: the bright light of the mind
the museum of unnatural mystery: fails to reflect anything clearly
the museum of reconstruction: vague ideas of replication
the museum of failure: under the bed some pieces of broken glass
the museum of unworkable devices: a text about the world right now
the museum of earth: an oath between trees and rocks
the museum of hoaxes: staging the narrative
the museum of funeral customs: the approaching fate of customers