the Maldiva did suck-start
my Grieving Heart
blew weightless
skinless kisses
my brain's membranes
her anchor sank
& all attempts at flight
    were lost
Mr Rick sensed
Dismal Vestal
yet I failed
to whisk myself away
the nick of time
turned open wound
it's hard to heal
when Weird sets in
you criss-cross
a trellis meant
   to mend
soul's scarred
black salt rubbed
blueish stain
of bruise & numb
shackled so
   you wait
     at amber lights
the psycornutic
drogue chute
drags you down
to where you strum
the paralytic
until she's upped & gone
the Witch
draws down
               the Moon
shows me her
  borrowed balconette
     she says
     she wants to
            take my mind
   off things
& you & me?
we must have
lunch sometime
especially now
there is so much
unravelling to do
or still undo

25th February 2017