Sketch of a Tractor in Bavarian Landscape

I am a Munich street artist
spawned by our great father
the father of all street artists.
I paint from postcards
scenes of the Dom,
little sketches of the dancer
Lola Montez and portraits
of Cosima and Richard Wagner.

I am a Munich street artist
I look at his terrible flowers everyday.
at Odeonsplatz I throw
my coat on the ground
at the space he fell
I can't see the spaces history
falls into, but I can see
his face, the terrible flowers

that rise up out of the cracks
in the pavement, that fell
where he fell, terrible
flowers that yawn and devour
men. in the Haus der Kunst
a waving woman
on the landscape
a tractor is thrumming

I am painting the tractor
the terrible flowers
the waving woman
the dancer Lola Montez
Richard and Cosima.
Nietzsche is dying
Achilles is born.
Mars and Venus masturbate

the flower stems
the terrible tractor
the waving flowers
the thrumming woman
the thrumming waving woman
the stems of the tractor
tyre metal steel plastic leaf oil
observe the terrible thrumming woman

so that the tractor is born.