Not Radio

An examination of 'system' as a concept in World History.
A play in 1 part

A pair of spectacles, a brush handle. Two exponents of 'system'.

1st exponent of system: a system is a series of components working together to create something, such as a radio.

2nd exponent: take this pair of spectacles and a brush handle.

1st: how do they resemble a radio?

2nd: You can play the brush like a zither, making it moan and groan, an orgasmic brush handle.

1st: I see, any problems. . .?

2nd: No, any two components can be a 'radio'. . .your hand, my mouth. . .

1st: cast on the ether, the gyring, colliding world, these two bodies, radio/not radio, come my love, my radio. . . .