White Space: a contribution to Beckett criticism

A space is white, long, the space. It is white as white, is long that is, extended, in space. Underneath is blood. The space is there. It is extended in length. The white length is extended in a space. Under the white extension is blood, beneath the space red blood. All white as long as the space is. The space is all white and long as it is. Beneath is the blood. And the noise. The noise is beneath the blood, above the space, below the white, around the extended length. There is the space above the noise, under the blood. The noise is white as the extended length of space is. The extended space is red as blood beneath. The white space is red beneath the length of blood. The extent of blood. The pitch of the white noise. There is blood above the noise, below the white length of space. Below the space of noise the blood is extended. The bleeding below the pitch of noise above the extended length of white space. There is a pitch below the blood of white space bleeding extended in noise. White noise under white space below red. Red space is there extended in noise. Blood and noise extended in red space. The pitch of the blood is white noise along the length of white space above. It is extended below the space. A white length in space extended in noise. Below is the blood. Extended noise is pitch above blood under which the white space lies in its length. There the blood lies. There the white noise is red as pitch extended over the length of the space. The pitch is both above and below the noise in which it is. All the space and all the noise above and within itself infused with the redness of the blood. Blood below and all through the white noise whose pitch infuses the space with red. Above it, it is white. Both below and above. It is white, the noise, and red beneath the extended length of the space, pitch as blood. Infused with all the noise of the white space. There the blood lies beneath. It is only white noise. It is simply a red extension in space of what lies beneath. All red as long as the noise is. All white as long as the space is extended. All red as white as noise in the space is long. Now the blood is above the length of red space hovering over the pitch of white noise. It is extended in the space, white in the noise. The noise hovers below and between the extended length of space red and thick as blood. Now it is red and thick as blood. The space hovering between the white and red in the extended pitch of noise. Now the blood is extended below, between and above the hovering noise, red in the space.