Nick Wayte


After cremation what remains
but smoke and dust and geist

microsoft softly          soft mid-winter light
a foggy day in London Town
Julie Londons magical singing
capital centre of the world

corporate systems vision is motivation
millions leaving the cash-tills
                                                        less or more
frustrated than they were
a need to drive consumption up
awash with property programmes/loan schemes/no fee
injury lawyers

a market where everyone
is looking at everyone else
with less than affection

perhaps the garment has shrunk
it certainly doesn't fit any more

semi-autonomous quasi-intelligent systems
(something is waiting)
Microsoft Corp

                                        soft who comes here

Bill Gates the ghost
a ghost in the machine
who else blond quiffed philanthropist
corporate power exceeds
all we have ever known
American Mega Trends Inc     (I quote)
a world class business

the mobile phone is ringing in my head
(or is it next door)

a 'how the world is'                   'can do' attitude
reification by another name

remember the death camps
orders were obeyed

something is waiting


call me tomorrow  —  goodbye