They wear shiny suits & they come
from off & know everything
about it. Somebody told them
              how we happen to live
              round here & know nothing
              about anything
what's good for us. What's good for us
renting our structureless days
is a roof. Take a quick tour then
                            (Mister X
                            isn't it sweet?
sugar rush for a hypo
cracy. Seeing a charming
place with beautiful kids
              in expensive trouble
              they rate the enterprise
              not very sensible
(sensible people can put
this in scare-quotes: you build an
alytical argument
                            ative con
                            stricture then fit
                            the words in.
              So they say get on
              with the agricult
              you're all concern, get on
with you (but that was profit
ably mechanised & we can't
hammer our selfimage into
              machines. We have to dream,
              somehow what price it's
              a knockout. It's a con
                            alpha state
in the rudiments of echo
gnomics (& apart from that
not doing anything much.