short of the truth or similar magical thinking
reaching into unguessable measures of depth
under your face in the world behind your eyes
which peculiar myth of value you choose gets lost
in the noise round the signal : stripping that away
arrives at results predicted by computing
losses in pure information vaguely to make

our bodies feeling machines

with hats for rabbits , clothes for taking off
there's the rub but I'm thinking of something else
not that hard but I'm thinking about it , honest
or would be if it was in me : reciting numbers
is only a record of how the waves decay
electrical fields , ablation surface , skin
when gone beyond psychology we uncover

the stridency of their wants

as safety in nakedness , pleasures at fifty pence
if you can find a bit of yourself to lose
if touch is ever a form of secure transference
encoding our need for other senses to tell
completely, & take in use : but I wouldn't wish
to know how the trick gets done if I were you
deriving equivocal answers that charge suppressed

dialogue out of nowhere

on counts relating to choice while cell by cell
nerves become a recurrent site for , sorry
ontology : seeing the world defined as metaphysics
explained in perplexities, nature of being indeed
I can't give you that & expect to get a reply
presuming the question made sense , or even close
enough for you to let the analogy stand

creating heat from friction

intuitive jumps through a channel alive with static
to comfort in sound speculation , should it occur
when proper demands of clarity meet the price
involved with maintaining required enriched coherence
& say in a manner that, truthfully, courts betrayal
what economies do to biology : knowing you are
the reason I'm back , I'll be totally open concerning