These are sentiments, my words in your mouth, that
nearly no more dissembling neglected space
made to startle monuments, schematic for
                                          this one who unfolds
the scissors: it is a disclaimer disguised
as inevitability, drawn out in
                                          rebus principle:
wandering eye wash and dress the flesh sexy
at a point, particulate, granulation
after awkward dismount abraded standing
                                          proud, an encounter.
Wounds we take our promises where they found then
                                          what tissue could mean
to catch a bandage lies to pin a likeness
around sculpted shapes in continuity
                                          with figure as prey.

On orienting networks of attention
across, make allowances, systematic
                                          disdain this excused
by reason of observations attempted
under acceptable pressure: even that
                                          resembles a sleight.
I am speculative strategy to lack
tactics you would recognise, lesser statements
stop, adopted for maiming and maintenance
                                          dose, just this, will ask
room to, stop, the fascinations of echo.
                                          Now continuous
pain in the fundamental nothing without
anything, we appear by dismemberment
over a broader range to be sufficient
                                          material, scars.

Grievous as this, the accusation enjoys
us, that is a supervening ignorance
                                          wandered in front of
purpose on purpose on purpose on purpose.
It is demonstrative when favoured status
                                          becomes, forward to
cut at back with asking head down and other
quiddities, recall, the somatic package.
                                          Beyond that this is
one for the drawer, fixed by hand where pleasures are
                                          without unlikeness
to animate understanding maybe sounds.
And sounds uncomfortable, surely some mistake
                                          but has to explain
that these are sentiments, your mouth on my words
shaken in naked bones I possess myself.