The clay mound littoral and banked up
saliva ant thread. Glutted restive barred
rictus features — licked dry lips. Crazy
bird hallucinated on oasis blinder. Reef
in the ears poring snake spine hot
woman lips all over notochord’s pulsing
death gushing froth into her sick saddle-
bag. Lynched mother wrecked upside
down like a devil parade on true face.
Elastic bitters on ultimate crimes water-
holes menaced with narcissus paranoia.
Slick beneficence stoked on zen launched
a jasmine rocket lying half-eaten on the
sacred slagheap, scooped bowels and
boned. Worsted lord on his side a prey —
breast a fine dust hunched over a hard
sweating hole with scorpion energy
ventriloquist fly. From the east bundled a
ridiculous stone sublimity members
stung on fishheads craved a soul.
Meander, zigzag casters of wrath
metalling its way onto the throne in a
dream, last braggarts mute in terror
forcing a book, each letter an echo of
another bourne. Her neck hounds
dimension eyes that kill with beauty
sheer and mute. Poreless skin a cave of
gold foretold how into this season
escaping breath invention trawl.
And to whom if perpetuity grew night hanging
above the dark then