AHA N.2: Milton
Paradise lost and my babbles

Sa idam uktavan:*
in the beginning, out of Chaos,
no light, but rather darkness visible

sed inter tenebras° the mind. . .
in itself can make a heaven of hell,
                                  a hell of heaven

îmi amintescˆ the palpable obscure
et etiam tam jetum yatate,ˆˆ
the void profound of unessential night

et for evil only good, eu cad°°
where all life dies, death lives
                                   nu va place?**

through the void immense to search
with wandering quest a place foretold. . .

                                       kartum na yujyate***

The Sanskrit term aha embraces all the letters of the alphabet in her depth, symbolically embracing the whole universe.