A breakneck wail Depressurise
Bringspring to BuBBly blossom
Crashsplash to snailpace leMonWedge
And grave ancestral stock. . .
                                           And with the pour
                                                         gasplovely tilt!
                                                        A            peloton
                                                             of fu   zz       iness
                                                                     perfect swell

                                                   And now a perfect chattering           upturn
                                                 budding yip eureka: Folding
                                                      glo(tt)al battles fought

                                                      syrupy incubation
                                           eruption’s moment in the tung
                                                    a winter of digestion

                 Onelast hurrahing goey coke
                                                                     A famous rise to arms
                                                    An ulti-stand,
                                        a tunnelromp, ex pompoesophagus 

Let's fly to free dioxide bounce
Past                                             BristlestEEthpoliteneSSyes!
Risecontent toward the light
                                               Emerge to
                         !!!!BELCh                               Spectacular!!!!