Red-Figured Cup Attributed To The Brygos School

(Anakreontic; Archive listing ARV 270.180, C.490BC)

Anakreontic; Archive listing  ARV 270.180, C.490BC
Kudos for your efforts, poet                              – Anakreon it is presumed –
for taking this journey                                        along unsigned roads
to the granite                                                       emerald-threaded shoreline;

For bearing the jagged rocks                            and causeways
with only a shepherd’s staff                              you found above the harbour
amongst flecks of wool                                       and broken teacup hoofs.

I would follow your path                                   today, but for August's greedy sun,
to the concrete ocean breaks                                        heaped upon the beach
like a child's forgotten toys;                              where such wisdom I might restrain
glints among crevices into which                      the tides spurt and gutter;

Where opal-eyed sea lions                                 lollop along the surf, sleakfurred
and slick as candour,                                          whiskers stuck with pebbles greening
tide-smoothed beer-bottle glass.                     They close their pinnae to the sea,
and dive: three small bubbles                                        reach for the surface and drown.