Würzburg Cup

(Attributed to the Brygos Painter, Volci, 490BC)

red figured cup, attributed to the Brygos Painter
Beautiful boy, wonderful creature,
Let me pull the weeds from your hair!
Let me plaid your scalp with flowers
Even as you vomit and your eyes run clear
With unknowing. My hands are tight rigging —
My fingers strong knots against your cheek.

So many years, my love, I have handled you with care,
Waiting on that reckoning you promise yourself.
Come, recline on me: trace your outline
On the pages of my being, and if some part of me
Remains uncovered, I'll offer you my knife
So you may crop my flank of any loose threads.
And where your soul's unshaded, παισ καλος,
Do not despair: This is but the meander of our heart