'You have now come with me, I have now come with you'
Laura Riding – Poet A Lying Word

You are written in to the poem
this poem is about you
there are so many poems
with so many stories
but mainly they escape you.

This one especially is about you
with so many rhymes that scan you
each end line/ each stop. becomes you.
A pause is written in to the breath of you:
so again the poem becomes you.
so many times each word gathers you

inside the poem is your making
inside you is the poems' making

I have written for you and so am you
you shelter the stars of the poem
the poem becomes your sky
the river in the poem runs right through you
reaches right in and floods you
entirely –

the river and poem are you;
but the poem is only a poem,
and you are only you.

in the end the poem is more than you.
in the end you are no longer the poem.
  in the end you are no longer you.