'Through all the dark fields of absence
I love you yet.'           The Locked Door – Olive Fraser

What love espies lyric
must wave despite sic
economic cave in-spite heal
most loving of whys deal
in outer cells of parlour
dividing cells in arbour
whys no morrow in still
but only set on bejewelling sill
by & only for it pains
in monetary clearance gains
by upsides of this down
if only to unmake a black swan frown
way off and upon the cells
weal or barracks of wells
being in active canopy
on the cells divided panoply
the sealing limit gambles
to the detriment of rambles
what ways warrant any
Anyhows? what plies errant penny
to the collective of spent?
But much for to said
because making is to aid
strata's of like meaning rent
refrains of the many dead
and I's whisper mortally
loves wielded ally.