# 1,991: kiss my arse or I’ll kick your head in

public sideburns

starched brown suits

interview raining
technology’s constellations
furred lights car-sized        blind
& roll to the ducts like ballbearings
eyes everywhere but the questioner
headlamps down each sidestreet

public sphere non-absorbant
baubles frail as eggshells
or perspex veneers frosted
as bathroom windows
curly Qs of questions made dialectical
                              in statistical polls
pins of adrenalin
asked straight out & then
were you listening anyway?

threat to bomb
all the way to the bottom a russian-doll
equations of right transformed by daybreak
relativity removed
so, like, it can’t be a moving target
                           if it’s got a name
when a mushroom knows it’s a mushroom
it doesn’t taste the same.

in on democracy’s moneyshot
managers with managers
their managers higher managers
them leaders of government
meshed precise as fishscales
the way things are
& so say all of U.S.