# 777: V is for victory

generation lifting stones inscribed on the underside

speak now     try
say: handbrake turn facing the other way.

hand circles portholes
frosted in glass, below: road.

rolling motorway narrows to sidestreets
manned lights                            roadworks.

pull-in back to the before when
in the dictionary stayed there.

when V meant only victory.

days of lunch on the dot one o’clock
comma between dot & one
beer bread ham
ham sandwich & a glass of beer.

mud-locked mechanical
wd40 couldn’t unlock
mudding in slip
bunked bottletops of perfumes
that was ice-cream on top because
dad said it was
under taste’s skin like cat’s piss.

‘cold’ tap runs cold
‘hot’ hot
fucked mate if it’s airlocked.

pie pie
what you say not what you mean
but who you are
& what you’ve become;
saturday a hundred twists
changed sex/parental role
soaked for the coathanger in a storm.

                                        [     ]
generation lifting stones [     ] on the underside