Summer Bees

She used to make love like quite a
different woman and the night
air was always cool and fragrant the
moment we started teasing
one another. She knew the names of all
those heady flowers, and
she called our Qutb names like a defeated,
weakkneed warrior!
We never used to chat during our
lovemaking, only she did moan
and I darkly mumbled between our skins,
lying ever so under the
naked, awesome skies and all the broken,
bearded gods were like
grey men twitching and wasting
themselves in envy, helplessly
staring as we lost our celibacy for ever
and for ever
the breeze caressed us sprawled out
as we were spent like money
in our recklessly groomed lovemaking.
She was like a woman in
love in all her bites and swollen lips
that are still bloody and
lovely in my forever dreams