We were once walking into an evening
when we fell over one another
hurrying to loosen our lovers’ knots
and the evening all the while
was closing in like the evening
but we were close no more
as there happened clashes of doors
closing doors closing and hearts
folding up like doors closing
and finally we were withdrawn
as if we were taking our hands off
one another
off your warm petals
and the cold dew drops therein
off your cheeks and closing our eyes
to rest awhile
painting our everyday
lives in black and white
but you smirked and I shuddered
and the plastic in my hands went cold
like my cold hands
the rubber between our legs
was damp and limp when you laughed
and I could take you no more
and so let everything loose
among the floods that leave behind
the nothingness knots that tie no more
the sirens whose music freezes
just ever so, like our lovemaking
like a waterfall
and the failing winter birds