There Is So Much To Do

There is so much to do
before the smile is torn
from my face. Before
the erosion of my dreams,
and the silly questions
that will arise if I try
to remember something
inconsequential, the ashes
of my memory gone up in smoke.
Any moment time could
suddenly come to a stop,
the curve will close in on me
before I've had another chance
to caress my child,
disown my inadequacies,
feed my spirit an apple
straight off the tree.
I need to water the plants.
I have to confront the mountain.
I need to tell my husband I love him.
I have to stand my daughter in front
of a mirror to teach her what beauty is.
Where no day is unnamed I need to save
a drowning man. I have to make dinner.
I want to take a walk in the November rain,
I want to count the stars.
I want to know every wish you ever had.
I need more time.
There is so much to do.