dry-bunk a warehouse
under mooring you would
after secret off the map
erase place with space
self disco she goes
what with eye of beholder?
I'm going in
I live here
jangle keys
simple solution
get your land up

embrace the drinkers
what like loneliness?
a certain grace
show me something
a seed falls
all this paranoia
I've changed
sharpen face
scratch bark to tree
the voices sit
stop for nothing
feed cats

+ fine dust abraded brother
turning 3 sided ventifracts
forced and housed
lights under man
on the street
elephant relief
this a time of MUST
perspective bands about friendly fire
wouldn’t cross 'em with me upbringing

this feels like its like peddle it +
my efforts
think just found sound a warrior
came across the mammoths
the cavemen came across
a pile of coats
a nothing
in the middle there towards you
I have drawn (elf hora)
challenge fore not vanquish

sane he was not
copa his friends
why he jumps without woman
about woman = man

the generous moonmeat
the groups of grey people
appled seeds still
paragon to heartcut
back cuts in flesh
egyptian into the incision
general anaesthetic
the snake inside eve
arrows to the child
the child dies
gesture become skulls
people replace them

access it now
come paper paving
spare the railing
and borrow mine
open-up white
start doors
start panic

try gestures
yeah try flat pane
a door
in hand to use
white light
like feeling it
can’t live with it
white guilt

in tradition natural
in the traditional 8 agreement
tend toward net
worthlessly wild
she was 87 and getting married
you should have no more sun today
man has 4 boxes on head
says the universe is expanding

another use
show face
out into great silence
the quiet life screaming
sleepwalkers consume
a serious sentence falls from ceiling
but he made them
dragging anchor to salt cellar
abuse in a bag
your strippers loosely prop

bring in the imploders
roads. roads.
logging brings in shots
she calls the suitors fully
and haunted again
upon other sided tail
the tricks
the early trust cuts
wonderful here
and like any other place
it fragments till friday
last night

wires want locks
locks want wires
want wires lock

almost a revolution
good gracious darkness to mind
such stories